Hi! I’m Teresa. By day, I work in advertising operations for an agency in Kansas City. In a previous life, I was a social media manager for a college and a small startup agency but one day fell in love with the technology behind digital advertising and banner ads. But I’m powered by my journey of losing 60+ pounds after college, after realizing I was on the fast track to having health issues if I didn’t change course. With multiple diabetic family members I knew it was on me, even on a graduate student or entry-level job budget, to eat better with more real foods in my diet.

I keep my creative spark alive through blogging about fashion and lifestyle, helping with Kansas City Fashion Week media, leading Planet Comicon’s social media. I’m lucky enough to have a job and side hustles that all center around creating experiences, telling stories and making it happen.

I have several passion projects I want to share: from social media management, to my own cosplay & fashion creations to what I’m cookin’ up in my kitchen.These are my stories, my work and my joy. I’m happy you’re here, feel free to drop a line at teresa@teresamaly.com