3 Quick, Fashionable Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Let’s talk about Earth. Put on some Earth, Wind and Fire or an old episode of Captain Planet for effect while you read this. Let me know when you’re back. You good? Good. I think there’s this huge misconception about “living green” that revolves around this image of only eating tofu and possibly living in a yurt outside of an Urban Outfitters.

I operate under the assumption that when I know better, I can do better. From your morning commute, to fashion and fluffy friends, here’s what you can do today:

Help Homeless Animals:

I admittedly have a super soft spot for adopted animals: one of my cats was born to a feral cat in an alley and was saved by a nurse who lived in the neighborhood. My other cat was abandoned and ended up in the shelter before I adopted her. Before getting my own feline friends, I never had to consider the effect of stray animals (namely cats) on the environment.

Unfortunately, our homeless furry friends can affect local wildlife; from disease to the threats posed to smaller wildlife like birds and plants. If you’ve ever seen a cat fight a bottle cap like my Siamese mix does, you know that cats and dogs see anything smaller than them as prey.

But you can do something about this: Spay and neuter your pets. Donate or volunteer at your local shelter. Help feral cats by creating shelters for them in the winter or TNR. For a full list of ideas, check out One Green Planet’s ideas by clicking here.

Consider The Source:

I learned a fun tidbit from The Brain Candy Podcast this week: Many fast fashion stores like H&M burn the unwanted clothes as fuel instead of coal. Plus fast fashion became ubiquious because clothes don’t come out by season like conventional brands but are constantly rotating new items in all the time. What does that mean for our planet? More trash, more carbon dioxide, more problems.

Many beauty products have a double edged problem: they contain silicones and plastics within the packaging and the product itself. There’s also the issue of animal testing to consider– there are tons of loopholes and laws in different states and countries that allow this to continue.

What can we do? Pay attention to where our beauty and fashion products come from. Go beyond reading the label.

  • Check out this list from blog Cruelty Free Kitty for a full list of brands that don’t test on animals.
  • Try thrifting for clothes! Check out my Instagram for thrifting tips and my recent buys.

Be Nice to Electric Vehicle Drivers:

I could give you tons of EV advice ranging from “Pick an Uber/Lyft driver in an EV or hybrid” or “I don’t care if you’re in a Nissan Leaf, the left lane is for faster traffic so move over”. Today I have one request: Stop parking in EV parking!

This may be the most impassionated statement I make outside of the time my personal trainer tried to tell me I shouldn’t drink full-fat coffee creamer (Julia Child said fat gives things flavor, and I’m not arguing with an icon.) I spend a lot of time around EV enthusiasts. They love to joke around by “ICEholes” aka those who drive gas-consuming cars who park in EV parking. Don’t be an ICEhole.

You might think “Nobody is parked there, what does it matter if I park there?” It’s the equivalent of going to Quik Trip, deciding that since you can’t park in front of the store to pick up your Big Q, you’ll park in front of the gas pumps. Please don’t block EV drivers from getting “fuel”.

What’s your favorite simple, green living tip? Please don’t tell me it involves a yurt.

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