MODA Shoot: June 2018

What do I remember most about this particular MODA shoot organized by Kansas City Fashion Council? The heat! It was about 100 degrees outside and yet all of the photographers powered through 5+ shoots that afternoon.

All things considered, this shoot was my favorite yet. It was held in and around Feasts of Fancy in the west bottoms of Kansas City. I will absolutely be back for more photoshoots, simply because the indoor lighting and the mix of street art + nature around the building were unparalled.

I had a nice blend of newer and more tenured models to shoot with. I hit the jackpot by being able to shoot looks from Nokota Style, Hannah Kristina Designs and Nujoad Designs with multiple models. As always, Bellus Academy in Manhattan came in clutch with beauty + hair. But my breath was taken away by all of Dominique Hernandez (aka Glam Life Approved)’s looks, whether they were more natural looks or complete glam. Here are some of my other favorite moments:

  • Peyton’s shoot with the American flag (I loved that she posted it on Instagram on the 4th of July!).
  • The way Varonica’s dress from Nokota Designs floated in the breeze. (Ugh, I get misty eyed just thinking about the perfection of that shoot!)
  • Working with my first male model. I swear that Shane is bound for GQ with those stone cold looks.

The MODA events are always such a great reminder of the fashion, art, photography and modeling commmunity is in Kansas City. I’ve already registered for the next MODA event on August 25– hopefully I will see you there!

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