How I Did It: Bedroom Decor on A Budget

Like every basic white girl ever, I love redoing my bedroom decor when I move almost as much as I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes. However, I wanted to stick to a  budget of $300 which I originally thought would be a challenge for what I wanted to do with my new space: Create a vanity space for makeup and hair, get high-quality and on trend bedding and pick up some modern, white end nightstand tables. No pressure, right?

My go-to when I’m in a budget crunch is to go to Goodwill, which ended up being a bust. At first, there looked like no good solution; I thought I’d have to settle for generic pieces that everyone had from Target, Ikea and Walmart or spend a lot more money than I anticipated. I got lucky and hit the jackpot by mixing and matching some trendy new looks for my bedroom:


Geometric white/silver mirror, Nebraska Furniture Mart – $19
Linnmon table top in white, IKEA – $23
Adils legs (x4), IKEA – $16
Homemade jewelry box, n/a – My dad built this for me!
Sodynee Jewelry and Cosmetic Storage 2 Piece Acrylic Makeup Organizer, $14 – Amazon
Framed photo, $9 – Bella Patina
Velvet stool, $39 – Marshalls

TOTAL: $120

My favorite part of the vanity is easily the jewelry box that my dad made me, he’s a real life Ron Swanson mixed with a little Larry the Cable Guy! I can’t put a price on a gift like that, but I did have to factor the size of the jewelry box into which size of IKEA tabletop I purchased; it bumped me from the $16 size to the $22 size. The mirror was a random Nebraska Furniture Mart clearance bedroom decor find. The hardest part of setting up the vanity was deciding where to put the mirror on the wall in relation to a sitting height on my tool + not being in the way of the jewelry box. I ended up settling for it being higher than expected, and I may still move it down a bit more.

Bedding + Nightstand:

Selje Nighstand (x2), $58 – IKEA
Cream Clipped Geometric Comforter Set – Project 62™ + Nate Berkus™, $95 – Target
Black And White Cactus Throw Pillow – Room Essentials™, $14 – Target
Tommy Bahama King Size Down Pillows (x2), $19 – Marshalls
“Think Good Thoughts and Good Will Find You” wall art, n/a – Nesting Goods

TOTAL: $186

I dreamed of the all white bedding of my Instagram-fueled bedroom decor dreams. With two cats and a penchant for clumsiness, I knew I wouldn’t last long with all white errrrrything on my bed. If you’re also all about your neck, your back, your Netflix and your snacks in bed, I recommend getting white bedding but with a little pattern to offset anything (aka Ritz cracker crumbs from watching Iliza’s new special in bed this morning, but who’s judging?).

This is my favorite photo thus far of my bed + cactus throw pillow. Rita is the most luxurious animal I know, which obviously elevates my $14 pillow.


On a sentimental note, I kept my “Think Good Thoughts And Good Will Find You” wall hanging above my bed. I got it a couple years ago from a local business named Nesting Goods in St. Joe while I was going through a hard time– since then, whenever I’m anxious I lay on my bed, remember how far I’ve come and remind myself that thinking good thoughts helps good find me.

Secretly (well, not anymore) I loved that my space was a mix of country and glam, with the homemade hardwood jewelry box and whiskey references nestled next to bright whites and Sephora makeup. I was able to lift up local businesses I love like Nesting Goods in St. Joe + Bella Patina in the West Bottoms in KC. What’s your favorite way to rejuvenate your bedroom decor with new, local or trendy pieces? Let me know!


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