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iPhone Photography For Beginners #1: Natural Lighting

Though I do some freelance photography, normally most of my photos are taken on my iPhone 7S+; would you really want to lug around a DSLR everywhere you go? I love social media, but not that much!

What I’ve learned is that good iPhone photography is like gas station sushi: It can be of questionable quality. But you know if it’s good when you see it, and the setting says a lot about quality. I could wax poetic about different settings and filters on your smartphone, but if I could scream one thing from the roof tops it would be to find natural light.

But even when I do tell my friends that, I find that they think super sunny scorching hot weather = good natural light. I define good natural light like this: It should be enough that you don’t need to use flash. You may need to edit the photos in an app, but you shouldn’t need to depend on your flash or editing app to overcorrect for bad lighting:

  • Taking a selfie? Stand facing an open window, but take one more step back than you think you need to.
  • Shooting a photo of a friend after a fun Saturday coffee date? Go outside, and find somewhere with a cool background without a ton of direct sunlight. If you focus your phone’s camera on your friends face and they look too bright (blurred facial features, yellowish skin etc) try taking a step forward. If that doesn’t work, have them turn a little to one side.
  • Outdoor photos? Focus your phone on the most ornate detail. If that makes the screen too dark, try tapping around your screen until the light recalibrates.

What is your best iPhone photography tip? I’ll be sharing my lessons learned about iPhone photography throughout some of my upcoming posts, so I’d love to hear yours!

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