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3 Tips for Taking Better Selfies

Everybody loves a good selfie: The girl with makeup on fleek. The middle-aged dude who needs a Facebook profile photo, but doesn’t want to get up from the recliner (NCIS is on, can’t miss that.) The 1,000 guys on Tinder with a fish (Do you all have the same hobby? We don’t live in a hunter-gatherer society anymore, guys). A group of besties at a concert feeling as unstoppable as Taylor Swift’s girl gang.

Mock it as much as you want, but the selfie is here to stay. Dare I say it’s practical? Not everyone has access to a photographer at all times, but if a photo needs to be taken, it should be taken. The selfie is the “duct tape and chicken wire” solution to sharing a message visually. My tips for keeping your selfies 100:

Stop with the MySpace angles:

We, as a society, need to stop taking selfies at a high angle. We have evolved past the emo MySpace profile photos. We’ve moved past sharing “I bet no one is brave enough to share this status. Support the troops and animals with cancer!” Posts on Facebook. The high angle selfie must also go the way of the dodo bird.

My solution? Use natural light and a near-parallel angle to really make that highlighter and cut crease eyeshadow pop, hunty.

Use a Tripod:

I’ve had a few bloggers ask who takes my daily fashion photos for Instagram. The truth is when I’m sharing my fashion and beauty look of the day, I use a tripod with a special attachment that props up my iPhone. I then depend on good lighting and a good background to really make the photo pop.

Be Careful of the Front Facing Camera:

That being said, if you’re using a tripod, you will probably need to use the timer and the front facing camera on your phone. The problem is that most smartphones have half the megapixels of the regular camera on the back of your device. That means at farther distances or lower light, you run the risk of grainy photos.

If you find yourself in one of the two mentioned scenarios, take 1-2 steps forward and find the best light possible. This can be harder than you think if you’re going for a full body shot, and you may just need to use the back-facing camera or find a friend. Them’s the breaks, kid!

What’s your best selfie tip? They’re a necessary evil for most of us, but can be a cost-effective way to share your fashion + beauty content on the fly.

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