Best Grain-Free Foods for Cats

My cats have  divergent personalities, especially when it comes to food. Oscar will eat anything with no problems–  including my aloe plant and succulents. (Coincidentally there’s been two separate attempted murders of my succulent. Suspect was described as about 9 lbs and gray, of Siamese descent) Ms. Rita Bean on the other hand struggles with food quite a bit.

We adopted Rita aka Bean in May 2014– known at the shelter as Rita, described as a “beautiful 6-12 month old female patch tabby. She is friendly and has unusual orange, white and tabby markings. She came in as a stray, but her owners never redeemed her.”

Given she was so heartbroken that she stopped eating in the shelter and she had a spay scar, the shelter suspected she was abandoned by her previous owner when they moved. Thus, Rita struggles with food insecurity and anxiety; leading her to gorge on dry food and then heaving it up. Super fun.

After 5 years of having Rita, we’ve found workarounds for her food issues; Per her vet, Rita has a mostly grain free diet which helps with digestion. Here are my picks for the feline friends in your life:

Wet Food: Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entree Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

I had the chance to try a few cans of cat food from Wellness Complete for free, and this is a top-of-the-line grain free cat food. I’m a fan of the chicken entree solely because the smell of the pescetarian ones have a pretty distinctive smell that can linger. (No clue about the taste. I’ll do anything for my cats, but I won’t do that!)

Wellness Complete has a great philosophy when it comes to pet food: they care about where the ingredients are sourced from, the meals are grain filler free, and include probiotics. The price is a little more than I normally pay for Fancy Feast cat food, but seems worth it!

Cat Treats: Young Living Animal Scents Cat Treats

Initially I tried these cat treats because 1. I needed $8 more for my Essential Rewards order one month and 2. Because they were grain free, so why not? My favorite thing about Young Living cat treast is that they’re made without artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or added fillers. Oscar likes them more than Rita but they seem to be satiated by these treats more so than other brands I’ve tried; so at the $11 price point, the bag lasts a lot longer than my typical Meow Mix or Greenies bags so it nets out similarly in my opinion.

Dry Food: Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food

When making the switch to grain free cat food, my vet suggested a brand that was $40 for an 8 lb bag. Yeah no, you can keep it! I pick up Blue Buffalo chow at Target; if you play your cards right, a few times a year there’s a great Cartwheel deal + $5 giftcard if you buy two bags.

The cats seem to love it– the pellets are smaller, similar in size to Israeli couscous, which force cats like Rita to eat slower. With the grain-free benefit, this cat food is a no-brainer.

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